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Ajmud is actually a dry fruit and cultivated extensively in south-east Asia. It is used to marinating/ seasoning mutton and baking. It is heated in cooking oil and then added to the curry for a giving the curry a strong flavor. It is used with other spices as a mixture for tenderizing meat or poultry. Ajmud seeds are also related to another Indian spice, Bishop's weed or Ajwain, in hindi. Ajmud seeds are often mistaken as Ajwain seeds. However, Ajmud seeds are different from Ajwain (Bishop's weed). While, ajwain has a very pungent smell and is used to enhance the flavor of the curry. Ajmud is not so strong in flavor or taste and is used for marinating food before the actual cooking is done. Ajmud is also used in preparing pickles.Oil extracted from the Ajmud seeds are used to preserve canned food items Ajmud Ajmud has been listed in ancient Indian medicine books- Ayurveda, as a medicine. Ajmud like most other Indian spices is known for its medicinal values. It is used for treating liver ailments. It is also used for curing people suffering from respiratory disease like, common cold, asthama or bronchitis. It is even used to boost appetite and to purify blood. It helps in increasing heamoglobin count.Also, oil from the ajmud seeds is used as a pain reliever.

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